AQC is a Swiss-based international association of leather bracelets manufacturers for the watch industry.

AQC stands in French for « Association pour l’Assurance Qualité des Fabricants de Bracelets Cuir », Association for Quality

Assurance of Leather Bracelets Manufacturers.


The association has been officially established on June 2014 by the five main bracelet manufacturers. Its members represent more than 80% of the premium worldwide production.

AQC was created to provide an additional service to the watch brands by enabling the traceability and conformity of the materials used in the manufacture of the leather bracelets.

AQC is also an open association, which means that all stakeholders involved in the leather bracelet value chain can participate in AQC meetings and develop the standards applicable within the profession in a "Win-win" logic.


AQC  is committed to improving environmental stewardship within the leather bracelet manufacturing supply chain.



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Due to COVID-19 virus, AQC has implemented a specific action plan to ensure protection of its employees and limitation of the spread of the virus.

In view of this exceptional situation, AQC has also reduced its activity rate while ensuring the pursuit of a minimal activity on leather bracelet compliance.


In solidarity with people affected by the virus and fully mobilized to continue to serve the interest of the leather bracelet safety, we thank you for your understanding and your confidence. 


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California Alligator Ban - the official position of AQC members